Delaney's People & Don't Shoot Your Mule

Books by Beth Duke

"Beth Duke's works are as real as grits and gravy in The South, and her usage of her Southern English has the taste of Mama's biscuits."

-Randy Owen
Grammy-winning songwriter and lead singer of Alabama

"Every scene, every character in this wonderfully colorful depiction of Dixie evokes both the vulnerable and gritty parts of a people and region. Beth Duke's DELANEY'S PEOPLE weaves together strands of the past and present as seamless as pearls, treating her readers to a collection chock full of loving detail, big-hearted humor and tender insight."
-Kimberly Brock, author of The River Witch

“There are diamonds in the red clay of northeast Alabama. Delaney is one of them.”

When you meet Delaney Robinson, she is a two-year-old with a serious attachment to her wonderful great-grandmother, who guides her through life with the wisdom of a nonagenarian. Margaret's reminiscences, along with the rest you will read, tell the story of how this adorable little girl came to be.

There is murder, mayhem, humor, romance—and a bit of heartbreak. The stories are about her parents, grandparents, distant ancestors and family friends, from Delaney’s Irish forebears and how they settled in Alabama to a chapter written entirely from the point of view of a Confederate battle sword hanging on her grandfather’s wall.

I hope you love reading it as much as I loved writing it.




More comments about Delaney's People:

"A wonderful facility for invoking mood via description . . .

I love your character's wry humor . . ."

-Author Joshilyn Jackson

"In the Heat of the Moment holds the reader's attention with well-placed hooks. Droll and darkly comic."

-Brian Lister,      Biscuit Publishing